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July 22nd, 2009

Ghostlight Theatre Club

This is the show I'm currently doing costumes for. We open Friday.

From the Artistic Director

This is just a quick reminder that Ghostlight opens our 2nd Season this Friday night with Glengarry Glen Ross. For information on the show, cast, ticket prices, parking, etc. please check out www.ghostlighttheatreclub.com or call our Box Office at 405-286-9412. Our new theatre space is amazing and still retains that intimate feel but seating is limited so reserve your tickets as soon as possible.

Have a great week and we look forward to seeing you at the theatre!

July 12th, 2009


I changed my layout. I like this layout, but I may tinker with it more later. Customize it. Make it my own. :D
I'm in the middle of re-doing my website too, on top of working on a show that opens in two weeks. I apparently feel that I have too much time on my hands. I have no idea where I got that idea from. 

If you get a chance go check out another site. Right now it's just the splash page, but a new webseries 'Venice'  is coming soon. www.venicetheseries.com

May 24th, 2009


Sooooooo. Crystal Chappell who plays Olivia Spencer on Guiding Light has decided she's going to Twitter. 
If you're a fan sign up and 'follow' her, and if you're not a fan then watch clips and admire the talent!

Watch the whole scene, then go watch all of the Otalia clips from Otaliafan!

May 3rd, 2009

Birthday stuff...

Okay, so my birthday wasn't this past weekend, but that's when my family celebrated the 3 within 3 days May birthdays.
I got an exercise hula hoop which I'm very excited about, because I looooove the hula hoop, but they're making the kids ones very lightweight now. I can't find those thick plastic "classic" hoops that were either blue pink or purple with a white stripe. Those were cool. The cheap ones they make now aren't as easy to do. Soooo anyway. I got a sturdy heavier weight exercise hoop. Very cool. I love it! I also got a necklace, candy and a candle in an old Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox because my brother is awesome!
So after the family thing I went to help move theatre stuff to our new space. Yay for the new space!
Then we had dinner and a little party where we pulled out the massage table and worked out those sore moving muscles. One of my friends mentioned that my big birthday party might be a few weeks away and I told her that I liked this party just fine. She said, "but you're working for all of it." I explained to her that it's very calming and relaxing for me to work out other people's tension especially when it's friends and people that I like.  
It was the best non-birthday birthday party ever. Just quiet friend time. Very nice. 

April 4th, 2009

I've written in many places the last few months about the 'dumbing down' of television in general. Very rarely are there intricately and wickedly twisted plots that beg viewers to pay attention. Lost and Heroes and the like require close following, and have some witty dialog, but also have a very basic common thread so that while intriguing and captivating they aren't engaging. Not to say I'm not a fan of those, I enjoy many television programs more than is actually healthy I'm sure. One however has caught my attention and engaged the long dormant part of my brain that invested in characters on a program. That is Guiding LIght. I used to watch Guiding LIght as a child along with all of the other CBS soap operas. Back before The Bold and the Beautiful replaced Capital. As I got older, school and other things became more important to me and it seemed that the writing had become more superficial, that is to say characters felt two dimensional whereas before they felt like real people. I remember watching Day of Our Lives and seeing Carly with Shawn Douglas and thinking that she was so gentle with him, and I always wanted a big sister. On Guiding Light Vanessa and Billy were a great a passionate couple. Along the way somewhere soap operas forgot their history and started to shift to a more 'reality tv' style of script. The characters lost their depth and storylines that used to take a deliciously long six months were concluded in two weeks or dropped unfinished after three. There wasn't as much at stake anymore so there wasn't as much to keep me there. A year ago Guiding Light changed their production model. They altered their writing, filming, sets and in turn everything having to do with the show. It took a little while for the cast and crew to get used to these changes and find a good rhythm but they did. First with the 'Otalia' storyline of Natalia and Olivia who had been enemies, vying for the same man who's heart was transplanted into Olivia upon his death, and were now closer than best friends. In December we saw the writing had expanded out from 'Otalia' into this new storyline involving Shayne and Dinah, and then to other couples and storylines as well. The writers were giving us fuller, richer characters allowed to be flawed and weak while being ruthless and wicked. Gone were the one-sided villians and angels. We were being given what we had always been before real people in extraordinary situations. The actors seemed to blossom with this new found 'meaty' material and we saw a real coming together of creativity and the rebirth of a piece of television history as a piece of television art. With a new growing fan base and an ever improving creative team all around including some innovative camera angles directing choices, CBS chose to cancel Guiding Light. It has been on the air, first on radio starting in 1937 then moving to television in 1968, for 72 years. CBS's decision doesn't only affect Guiding Light it affects all soap operas. When the pioneer, innovator, and flagship falls what's left for the rest to cling to? The fans are hopeful that Guiding LIght will find another home as there ar many option available. Here is one great fan video that takes the Guiding Light theme song and clips from the show and adds a little humor as the characters of Springfield react to the news of the cancellation. Keep the Light shining, save Guiding Light!

Special thanks to Cajun70503 from the Big Purple Dreams board for the video!

December 15th, 2008

I almost forgot! Imaginary Bitches is having a Fan-Made video contest. The 5 finalists have been annouced and the winner gets an autographed DVD of the First season of Imaginary Bitches. I made the finals and my video is the first one listed on the page “School of IB: Everything I Know I Learned on IB”  by TCSCN. You can vote here  and you don't have to be registered or log in or anything. There are some great vidoes out there and even if you've never seen the series you can follow the videos.
The contest runs until January 9th 2009.


So, yesterday the high was 72 and the low was 16. I walk into work all nice in my t-shirt think that I would be out before the evening and cold snap, but no. I come out 3 hours later and it's windy and 20 degrees. That's just not right.
I do have to say however that I'm grateful that our temeratures are above zero.
To everyone who's temps are freezing....I give you a parka.

December 4th, 2008

Cute day brightener.

Someone at work brought over a cut out image (about 4x5) of this and taped it to my desk.  How cute is that? Any way it made me smile.

November 21st, 2008

Fun with avatars...

Okay, so not really "fun with" however........something that I noticed yesterday.
Here is my Facebook photo.
Here is my avatar pic for a couple of message boards. 

I noticed the similarity in lighting, and some of the lines.They were chosen at different times and for different reasons. Interestingly enough both were from around the summer of 2003. But as I had to point out to a colleague, the second photo is not of me. It's of a wonderfully talented soap opera actress named Elizabeth Hendrickson in her portrayal of Maggie Stone on All My Children. This is the only time, ever that we have similar features and that's mainly because she has her cheeks puffed out and there are lots of shadows in both pics. But I found that interesting and even more so in that the lighting in my photo was a complete mistake, her photo is a screen capture of video and my photo was in know way even a subconcious recreation of the AMC scene because I wasn't watching the show at that time (I didn't start watching until 3 1/2 years later) So, yeah. Um, I'm bored. This is what comes from boredom while being trapped at work and unable to leave even though you're done with all of your work.

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