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Fun with avatars...

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Fun with avatars...

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Okay, so not really "fun with" however........something that I noticed yesterday.
Here is my Facebook photo.
Here is my avatar pic for a couple of message boards. 

I noticed the similarity in lighting, and some of the lines.They were chosen at different times and for different reasons. Interestingly enough both were from around the summer of 2003. But as I had to point out to a colleague, the second photo is not of me. It's of a wonderfully talented soap opera actress named Elizabeth Hendrickson in her portrayal of Maggie Stone on All My Children. This is the only time, ever that we have similar features and that's mainly because she has her cheeks puffed out and there are lots of shadows in both pics. But I found that interesting and even more so in that the lighting in my photo was a complete mistake, her photo is a screen capture of video and my photo was in know way even a subconcious recreation of the AMC scene because I wasn't watching the show at that time (I didn't start watching until 3 1/2 years later) So, yeah. Um, I'm bored. This is what comes from boredom while being trapped at work and unable to leave even though you're done with all of your work.

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