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Birthday stuff...

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Birthday stuff...

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Okay, so my birthday wasn't this past weekend, but that's when my family celebrated the 3 within 3 days May birthdays.
I got an exercise hula hoop which I'm very excited about, because I looooove the hula hoop, but they're making the kids ones very lightweight now. I can't find those thick plastic "classic" hoops that were either blue pink or purple with a white stripe. Those were cool. The cheap ones they make now aren't as easy to do. Soooo anyway. I got a sturdy heavier weight exercise hoop. Very cool. I love it! I also got a necklace, candy and a candle in an old Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox because my brother is awesome!
So after the family thing I went to help move theatre stuff to our new space. Yay for the new space!
Then we had dinner and a little party where we pulled out the massage table and worked out those sore moving muscles. One of my friends mentioned that my big birthday party might be a few weeks away and I told her that I liked this party just fine. She said, "but you're working for all of it." I explained to her that it's very calming and relaxing for me to work out other people's tension especially when it's friends and people that I like.  
It was the best non-birthday birthday party ever. Just quiet friend time. Very nice. 
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